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Automation Post

Automation Post is a portal that offers professionals in the industry an opportunity to promote their businesses in comprehensive, state-of-the-art directory; to post current promotions and realize immediate online sales; to post projects that require resources or expertise recommended by the site; and to participate on a modern forum to discuss relevant, current topics. Automation Post is the first online marketing company that combines these services all at once, uniquely designed for the sole purpose of promoting businesses.

A Market Place For Manufacturing Sector

Eccentric created a promotional video to explain the Automation Post business concept. Data shows that information retention is significantly higher for visual material than it is for text. Video is an excellent way to grab, retain audience’s attention, and boost traffic to your website at the same time.

Creating a brand that address real sector challenges

One challenge for every organization is where to find the right buyers; those who are different from the ones always targeted; different from those who believe in the product or service, and are brand loyal. We found that organizations are doing an excellent job looking after their loyal clients, and they have talented marketers who run creative campaigns, promotions, and have tools to attract new clients, but these campaigns do not fly due to lack of exposure and lack of outreach to new clientele

Another challenge is the limited scope for presenting current promotions. We found companies missing out on great sales opportunities because they failed to present their current promotions to the right audience, and instantly capture the sale. We have also found that despite company limitations, clientele are still very savvy when it comes to shopping around and getting the best prices and products, even if it means going an extra mile.We have always dreamt to have one place where all the attractive promotions that are offered by all suppliers can be found in one common place not only as a flyer in account managers’ binders, or on the company intranet, and visible to only the partners and employees.

Yet another challenge is the cost of finding new projects. We found companies striving to minimize the cost of finding new projects – by hiring part-time account managers. Companies also avoid paying high annual subscription fees to access projects on certain sites.

The final and most critical challenge is how to come up with a well-rounded marketing budget that – in most cases – has already been allocated to other tasks.

Eccentric created a market place that addresses these changes and integrates all modules in one seamless platform.

Graphic Design and Web Development:

A custom design was created for all modules, and an integrated concept that enables flow of information from one to the other. For example a company can feature their profile, and list their promotions, and when a project is listed with certain criteria, this company will be recommended as a potential candidate.

Print Material

Content Writing

Eccentric took care of all content writing including articles, print material, and white pages.

Online Marketing

Eccentric ran both LinkedIn and Google Ad campaigns that generated solid leads.

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