Create Company Identity

The average consumer is exposed to a plethora of brand messages every day. Some brands will conquer and others will falter. And the unfair truth is, the quality of the product is frequently not the deciding factor for a brand’s success. In this overwhelming and congested marketing landscape, Eccentric can propel your brand towards success.

Eccentric will get you ready to start presenting your business with a professional portfolio. We will –

  • Custom design company logo based on market research and company’s vision
  • Create company color, fonts, and graphic identity
  • Create literature, company profile, and promotion material

Drive Traffic To Your Site

Search Engine and Social Media Optimization (SEO & SMO)

Once you build your site, you need to start to generate traffic. Eccentric uses a combination of tactics based on a core strategy of content generation to increase the traffic to your site. This is the most important part of coverage for your business.

Content Writing

Our professional writers create engaging content solutions for your business, website, social media.

  • Copyscape pass guaranteed – 100% original
  • Engaging – draws the reader in
  • SEO optimized – more traffic
  • Persuasive – our compelling calls to action make visitors buy, like or tweet.
  • Based on latest market research

Product Marketing Consulting

You offer a Product or Service – We will craft A Marketing Plan that is based on market intelligence and your goal

From Concept to realization, we will

  •  Define target market and size.
  • Define product including features and benefits.
  • Define pricing model based on market insight and company’s Margin SWOT Analysis.
  • Drive promotional marketing – create strong marketing campaigns that will bring the best return on your investment.

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