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The Demise of Paid Subscription Directories

Today, high speed internet has enabled everyone, paying and/or non-paying members of a directory, the facility of accessing companies directly without the added expense of membership fees.

So what does the ‘online directory’ offer today?  Well, simply put… more of what you’re looking for in one place.  So, if you don’t really know the name of the company, or you’re looking for an alternate business opportunity with a new, similar company, instead of scrolling through pages and pages of Google hits, a directory offers you the convenience of listing those companies you want to zoom on in one place.  Simple concept, really.


A survey of the current online directories of companies in the manufacturing industry proves that in order for you to have the convenience of a current, up-to-date directory, your company would have to be able to afford the cost of online subscription.  Alternately, many free online directories rely on heavy ad content and are cluttered. Most companies rely on simple word of mouth references – it’s all about who you know, and who they know.

Moreover, even when you decide to pay for a subscription to access a directory, you will invariably get less than what you’ve bargained for.  Currently, directories featuring companies in the manufacturing industry: suppliers, system integrators, OEMs, Panel Builders, Consultants, are not designed to promote a company, per se… but to list them, to list basic information about them.

This is where Automation Post (AP) shines.  AP is a portal that offers automation professionals in the industry an opportunity to promote their businesses in a comprehensive, state-of-the-art directory. 

AP’s Directory enables you to post your latest promotions, media, and company news within the context of the manufacturing industry community.  It’s a place where customers and clients you usually deal with, as well as those you never deal with, come to check out the latest promotions.  So even if your company has a state-of-the-art website, it may not attract as many visitors as the online community portal that AP has facilitated.  AP loosens the boundaries and expands the reach of your best marketing initiatives.  You may have a phenomenal marketing activities planned, but how many potential customers know about them?  How far has the word gone out?  If you post your latest news on the AP portal, you can be sure that it goes out to new audiences far and wide – not only to your regular customers, and not only in Ontario, Canada – but all over the world.

Gone are the days of paid subscription directories.  Visit Automation Post, register your company, and see the difference for yourself.  Registration is free, and listing your company in our directory is free.  Automation Professionals who access the AP directory do not have to pay to see your company’s latest promotions, news, and promotional videos.

Automation Post positions your business at the helm of today’s digital marketing revolution.  The tide has turned on an era of increased access to and use of the Internet, and has transformed the way you can do business.  Through ecommerce, today you can afford access to a full range of market opportunities—from local to international—never before achieved.

Join it at automationpost.com

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