Zipporrah Case Study


Zipporrah is a non-for-profit organization that directs all proceeds to orphans and other charities across the globe. Zipporrah wanted to create an e-commerce platform with one vision: focus on charities. Zipporrah has an online E-bay store and wanted to have a solution that integrate both the new site and the existing store to streamline inventory and pricing.

Graphic Design

Multiple custom design concepts were created.

Web Development

Eccentric designed and developed an engaging e-commerce site based on Magento platform.

Integrating Charity In The Business Model

Eccentric created a module where visitors can select the charity of their choices. A donation is made on their behalf at the time of placing the order, and they receive a donation recipe immediately from the selected charities. This concept shows credibility as donation is done in really time and instant.

Live Synchronization With Ebay Store

Eccentric created a custom module that continuously synchronize the Zipporrah stock level, and pricing with eBay store in real time, and whenever an order is placed.

Driving Traffic

A promotion module was created on Zipporrah to offer discounts and promotions. For example driving traffic from eBay store to Zipporrah by sending specific promotion code to clients who place orders on the eBay store where they receive extra discounts for first time orders.

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