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AI-Enabled Analytics: Affordable Insights for Toronto’s SEO Performance

Unlock the power of AI-Enabled Analytics for affordable insights into SEO performance. Optimize your marketing strategy with professional precision.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice used to enhance the visibility and ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs) with the help of relevant keywords. It is necessary to increase the organic traffic the websites receive using strategies to increase their visibility and engagement. With the push of AI technologies, these strategies can easily access affordable insights to improve their SEO fundamentals.

  • Keywords: The use of higher-ordered and relevant keywords to increase organic traffic on websites is a crucial aspect of SEO. With the help of AI-powered tools, one can get a clear and organized look through search patterns, user behaviour, and semantic relationships, therefore analyzing them and implementing them productively. Not just this, AI-powered tools can also help with providing long-tail keywords to amplify a website’s engagement.


  •  Localized optimization: AI tools, with their advanced features and technology-powered strategies, also aim at identifying specific keywords and sentence patterns aligning with the localized significance of the area. Through personalized details, AI tools analyze and comprehend data relevant to the local usage of search engines, thereby helping increase website traffic and lending insight into further planning and organization accordingly.

  •  Competitor analysis: Such strategies, being a part of SEO, do not just help one gain an insight into one’s working model but also into the operations and strategies of other competing websites. Knowing your competition in and out always turns out to be helpful. With AI-powered tools, one can access their competitor’s real-time activity, thereby analyzing their top-performing keywords, backlink profiles, and content marketing strategies, as well as finding loopholes and what one can do to outperform them.
  •   Tracking reports: Everyone looks for accuracy and intellect in today’s fast-paced world. While most websites try providing that to their earnest efforts, most lack essential tips and tricks for representing that data in a way that makes it, at the least, reachable and accessible. Regular tracking of the status of one’s website compared to their standardized rankings and previously analyzed data, as well as other competitors, can help one gain an insight into how and where one can improve and what additional efforts might be required. They may also help one effectively save time, money, and resources. 


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Kamel Hanna

24 Gold Group

24 Gold Group
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"We hired Eccentric to provide a complete branding for our business including web design & development, and SEO. We found their process very transparent, and unique. We would highly recommend Eccentric for any company that wants to grow their business.

Ramy Botros

Oxygen Talk Show

Oxygen Talk Show
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"Before I went to Eccentric, I researched other companies. I choose Eccentric because of its full understanding to my marketing goals. They impressed me by their designs, development, timing and budget. I strongly recommend Eccentric." Ramy Botros, Owner



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"Eccentric Business Intelligence was more than helpful in fixing an issue on our website after an automatic update. They were prompt, ensured everything was clearly communicated and were kind enough to train our staff for future maintenance. I recommend their services for any website or design you may have!"

Alderwood Medical Clinic

Alderwood Medical Clinic

Alderwood Medical Clinic
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Eccentric designed and devloped our pharmacy website, created all marketing collateral, our digital signage, media content and hosting. The result was beyond amazing in bringing our business to life. We highly recommend Eccentric to all business owners who are looking to grow their businesses through marketing.

Pharmacy Supplies


Pharmacy Supplies, Covid 19
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Eccentric delivered an outstanding product that supported our business in a comprehensive way: from sales, profits and commissions tracking, to warehouse management. Within the first month of launching, we had over one hundred new users registered on the site, and dozens of orders. Outstanding work!

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