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Why Infographics Is Good For SEO?

By creating high-quality, visually appealing infographics, businesses can enhance their online presence and attract more traffic to their website, which can ultimately lead to increased conversions and revenue.

In our fast-paced digital age, information overload is a real concern. Most people don't have the time or patience to wade through extensive data and details. Hence, presenting content that is easy to understand and digest is critical to engage your audience. This is where infographics come in as they have become an integral part of SEO. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have popularized infographics due to their ability to convey information quickly and effectively to the target audience.


Businesses have noticed this and are increasingly using infographics in their SEO services. A well-crafted infographic can drive a significant amount of traffic to a website when utilized correctly.


Importance of Infographics in SEO


It's surprising how some people remain unaware of the incredible advantages of infographics in the realm of SEO. Unlike long and tedious texts that can be overwhelming for users, infographics are visually stimulating and easily comprehensible. 


Visuals Enhance Understanding of Complex Concepts and Boost Engagement


By offering bite-sized, visually appealing content, they engage audiences and complement other content on your website and social media platforms. Given that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, it’s no surprise that visual content is more engaging than lengthy text. If you’re experiencing a high bounce rate on your website, consider adopting a more reader-friendly and visual approach to encourage visitors to stay longer.


Content Boosts Your SEO Strategy


Incorporating infographics in your content enhances your website’s SEO. This is due to their potential to become viral and being shared extensively across multiple platforms, hence reaching a large audience. In fact, studies show that content with graphics or images can generate 94% more views than text-only content. Additionally, embedding a link within the infographic can increase the number of backlinks and draw more visitors to your website, contributing to an overall boost in efforts put in by the best SEO Company.


Content Unlocks Inbound Marketing Potential


Infographics offer a unique opportunity for inbound marketing, as the research and data generated for them can be repurposed in other content. By including visual elements such as graphs, charts, and tables, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. Still, it’s essential to ensure that the information you provide is relevant and valuable for your target audience. Producing well-researched content from reliable sources can enhance your online credibility and attract more followers, likes, and customers over time.


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Kamel Hanna

24 Gold Group

24 Gold Group
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"We hired Eccentric to provide a complete branding for our business including web design & development, and SEO. We found their process very transparent, and unique. We would highly recommend Eccentric for any company that wants to grow their business.

Ramy Botros

Oxygen Talk Show

Oxygen Talk Show
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"Before I went to Eccentric, I researched other companies. I choose Eccentric because of its full understanding to my marketing goals. They impressed me by their designs, development, timing and budget. I strongly recommend Eccentric." Ramy Botros, Owner



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"Eccentric Business Intelligence was more than helpful in fixing an issue on our website after an automatic update. They were prompt, ensured everything was clearly communicated and were kind enough to train our staff for future maintenance. I recommend their services for any website or design you may have!"

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Alderwood Medical Clinic

Alderwood Medical Clinic
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Eccentric designed and devloped our pharmacy website, created all marketing collateral, our digital signage, media content and hosting. The result was beyond amazing in bringing our business to life. We highly recommend Eccentric to all business owners who are looking to grow their businesses through marketing.

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Pharmacy Supplies, Covid 19
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Eccentric delivered an outstanding product that supported our business in a comprehensive way: from sales, profits and commissions tracking, to warehouse management. Within the first month of launching, we had over one hundred new users registered on the site, and dozens of orders. Outstanding work!

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