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8 Reasons Why Your Enterprise SEO May Be Underperforming

Eight reasons your SEO campaign might not be working - Your webpages have poorly optimized - Your webpages are targeting the wrong keywords. Learn more for more information.

The entire process of ranking an enterprise-level website on the Google search engine can be chaotic if there are innumerable landing pages with poor SEO strategies. Organizations need to understand that Google has to analyze the entire content on the website to crawl, index, and rank these pages to show the results. Therefore, it becomes essential for organizations to explicitly strategize, execute, and communicate the enterprise SEO plan.

It may seem daunting to outline an SEO plan for an enterprise-level website, but it can quickly be done if consulted with the SEO agency. We bring you some of the most common reasons your enterprise SEO may be underperforming to improve your strategy and SEO performance.

Before we begin, let us first understand what enterprise SEO is?

Enterprise SEO refers to both the size of an organization and the size of a website. There are larger websites which large corporations own with huge brand recognition and market share. On the other hand, there are small brands that comprise large websites.

You must consider enterprise SEO if your website comprises any of the following:

• Large size: If a large corporation owns your website and has a higher number of landing pages.

• Broad reach: If your website serves both national and international markets.

• Brand recognition: If your website has established brand recognition.

If your website meets any of the criteria mentioned above, go for SEO services.

Without further ado, let us highlight reasons why your enterprise SEO is underperforming:

1. The landing page content is ineffective: You must consider putting high-quality content on all of your landing pages. Google only ranks those pages which comprise in-depth and original content. Therefore, put effort into adding quality content to all of your pages. It will also help enrich the landing pages with media and components such as tabs, jump links, and several interactive elements.

2. Targeting the wrong keywords: You must target keywords that your audience is searching for. It will help you in attracting the traffic and converting them into possible customers. Therefore, include the combination of short-tail and long-tail keywords in your landing pages.

3. Low-quality pages in Google's index: Enterprise-level websites are often caught up in the low-quality pages in Google's index due to their size. However, you can save your pages from ending up in the index by adding "noindex, nofollow", robot tags to low-quality pages.

4. Keyword cannibalization: When your enterprise website has many similar web pages, they tend to cannibalize each other. It means that you are not only competing with your competitors; your website is competing with itself. Therefore you can either different target keywords for each page or add rel canonicals.

5. Webpages are poorly conversion-optimized: If your website is earning ranking and traffic but not conversions, start putting CTAs (call to action). Add a chat box to the site, keep submission forms simple, sticky banners for mobile users, blogs, and more.

6. Poorly constructed site: A poorly constructed website can turn off visitors and consumers. Therefore, each page must communicate clearly. People should be able to navigate the website with ease. You can improve the user experience by having your site pages with a proper, descriptive URL slug that comprises relevant keywords. You should also add a sitemap to your Google Search Console Account.

7. Pillar page model: The pillar page model allows you to link your page to your enterprise website. The linking lets Google analyze the value of one page over another. Because when you link a page on your website, you provide a portion of the page's page rank. Hence, try linking your blog content to your home page or category page.

8. Anchor text strategy: Your anchor text in the hyperlinks must align with the keywords you want to rank for. Therefore, replace the non-descriptive anchor text with compelling keywords.

It may seem daunting and challenging to navigate the right path to execute the SEO campaign for your website correctly. However, you can seek professional help by hiring an SEO agency that can outline and strategize an entire plan for you. Get the most affordable SEO and reliable SEO services in Toronto and see the performance of your website in the Google search engine.




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