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15 Tips to Rock a Small PPC Budget

Want to get maximum results by spending that least amount on the PPC budget? Here are the best 15 tips that can help you rock a small PPC budget.

Getting maximum results by spending the least amount on the PPC budget is a challenging task in itself. However, accomplishing the desired goals isn't impossible; all you need is meticulous planning and setting the target on your goals. Experts at digital marketing agencies have shared some 15 valuable tips that can help you rock a small PPC budget:

Set the Stage for the Account

A small price range helps you manage the expectations, and the scope keeps your concentration intact. Initially, set a price range; for instance, if you have selected a price range of $2000 for 30 days, set it to $66 for the entire account. Alternatively, you can spend $66 to run all the campaigns.

Make Targets a Priority

Advertisers try setting different goals for multiple accounts taken care of by them. Limited budget puts a restriction on the number of campaigns and number of purposes. Brand awareness, lead generation, meeting sales objectives, and selling repeatedly are their common objectives. For instance, if advertisers have a small budget and have a scholarship program in hand. They are amalgamating two campaigns and dividing them into a daily budget of $82.


Geotargeting is a significant aspect of digital marketing and has a vital role in managing the ad budget. The best way to get results in a limited budget is to divert your attention to necessary target locations.

Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling keeps the budget under control and helps you run advertisements at certain intervals of the day. For example, if your business opens at a particular time, you can make the most out of the budget by running the ads when you're open.

Match Types

Match types keep the budget under control, especially when someone has a minimum amount to spend. Perform detailed analysis on the match type and the way they trigger these ads. Having a restricted budget, you can still be creative to get the most out of the budget.

Call Only

Businesses with limited budgets often experience challenges with the landing pages, and testing different budgets becomes a hassle. If calling is a crucial part of your business, incorporate a call-only campaign.

Experiment with the Display Network

If you want to see your business everywhere, try implementing remarketing for visitors and your target audience. According to a digital marketing agency, experts reap the benefits of pay per click as it is non-chargeable and would widen your reach and surge brand awareness.

Stand Out of the Competitors

Take advantage of portfolio bid strategy settings to stand out from the competitors using the target outranking share option.

Enable Tracking

Ensure that the PPC platform is used to evaluate the performance and measure the website analytics. The data you gather helps you make informed decisions on how to optimize the account.

Integrate Long Tail Keyword

The cost per click of long-tail keywords is low. Therefore, internet marketing professionals recommend implementing unique and long-tail keywords to give desired results within a small budget.

Manage High Volume Keywords

High volume and competitive keywords are costly and can burn a hole in your pocket. If you are using a high-volume keyword, integrate them into your campaign and use the exact match for the keywords.

Reconsider Dynamic Search Ads

Try to avoid dynamic search ads. These ads don't work based on the specific keywords selected by you. They work as per the keywords present in the content of the landing page. It eliminates irrelevant impressions and clicks and surges the daily sales.

Make the Most Out of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions divert attention towards the ad and provide additional information that fits perfectly into the ad body copy.

Ad extensions consist of the following things:

1. Local address

2. Site links.'

3. Callouts.

4. Phone number

5. Structured snippets

6. Reviews

7. Images

Use Negative Keywords

Unlike match types, the negative keywords would keep your budget under control.

● You can integrate negative keywords by implementing the keyword concepts that might trigger ads without any error.

● Check the searches that have led to several clicks.

● Make lists and apply them

● Repeat the entire process

Improve your Landing Page

Google has its parameters to judge the landing pages, including relevancy, authentic content, transparent and easy-to-navigate pages. It is challenging to obtain conversions from poorly built web pages.

In Conclusion, Low budget accounts yield desired results when managed in the right way. A digital marketing agency from Toronto can implement these strategies and boost your business revenue. If you are looking forward to getting internet marketing services, Eccentric provides valuable digital marketing in Toronto to strengthen your online presence and drive traffic to your business.




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