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Top 11 Features of a User-Friendly App

Even if the app market is flooded with numerous options, many still require the basics of a good design. Almost every user has downloaded an application that disappointed them as every button on the platform was broken.

Even if the app market is flooded with numerous options, many still require the basics of a good design. Almost every user has downloaded an application that disappointed them as every button on the platform was broken.


The features on the app directly affect the user experience as a slow, hard-to-operate application with no user privacy will be quickly replaced with a better one. Let us have a look at the nine significant features that every user-friendly app must possess, as highlighted by leading app developers:


1. Data Privacy and Security


Privacy and security are the two integral features of the app and are incomplete without each other. Most of these applications hold critical information like credit cards, allowing users to use them. Therefore, security must be the topmost priority and shouldn't be compromised at any cost.


Apart from privacy, transparency is also a vital element of the process. For example, if an intruder enters the application suspiciously, the user gets notified on the app. Once users know that you respect their privacy, their perception of your brand will become positive.


2. Responsive UX


Every application must render an intuitive, user-friendly user experience(UI). The user must be able to use the application without pondering anything. If the user starts experiencing concerns while using the app, it will frustrate him and make him switch to another app. According to app development experts, applications with good UX design will be simple to use and must be accessed on different screen sizes without any hassle.


3. Personalized Push Notifications


Push notification enhances users' re-engagement and retention when used correctly. Push notifications must comprise features that an individual user expects from the app, like limited promotions, product restocks, updated features, and other important information.

Make sure that the notifications don't annoy the users and make them delete the app from their devices. The app must have customizable options that allow them to opt out of the notifications and increase their satisfaction rates.


4. A System for Feedback


An application is incomplete without a feedback system. Offering users a direct interaction opportunity would help you understand their wants, needs, and concerns in a better way. Feedbacks give mobile app development firms a chance to improve the app and evolve better via future iterations. It would not only help you improve the app and relationship with your customers.


5. Accessibility


Accessibility is another significant aspect that impacts the user experience. Accessibility means developing an application keeping the needs of the specially-abled in mind. Apart from this, must be considered the two most crucial elements such as:


6. Scalable Text


Introducing scalable text options for visually impaired individuals is the best approach. In addition, this would improve their user experience and perception of the brand.


7. Automatic Speech Recognition


Introducing an automatic speech recognition feature is a significant feature that must integrate into the app. It makes the brand accessible to a wider audience and gives the app a competitive edge.


8. Multi-Device Synchronization


Your mobile app must synchronize with several applications simultaneously. For instance, users can start a process on a particular device while they can complete it on another device. Therefore, synchronization is a significant aspect that makes an application user-friendly.


9. Battery Saver Mode


Among several essential features, it is vital to go for an application development solution that keeps the battery preserved during the process. If the app starts draining the battery of the user's device, he would prefer to delete the application in no time.


10. A Search Box


A search box is often ignored during the process of mobile app development. Even if the app is simple, users need help finding everything they need. Search bars give them the information they are searching for, preventing exit from the app and moving toward Google. It would minimize user turnover rates and promotes quick navigation routes on the app.


11. Chat Support/Call Back Function


A user-friendly app must provide chat support or a call-back function. Waiting for the issue to get resolved will make it worse. Customer support allows you to understand their grievances and serve them better.


Within the first few hours, users decide whether they want to use the app. Therefore, make sure that during the mobile app development, these features are added to the app, thereby enhancing the user experience. If you are searching for well-established technical experts for designing, developing, and marketing your brand, consult Eccentric Business Intelligence in Canada today!




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